reports and tools

attrax offers a wide range of reports and tools that you can access either online or offline to suit your own preferences.


attrax's institutional clients can use its Online Data Supply (DVO) application to access a password-protected online reporting system, where they can download a manual containing all relevant trading data, prices, terms and conditions. They can also use these tools to generate standardised transaction and portfolio reports and configure customised reports. The trailer commission report, which can be compiled in great detail if required, meets the highest standards of state-of-the-art financial reporting and control.


Fund management companies can also use a password-protected login to access pre-defined reports directly on the internet.


You can use the depository search function on our homepage to find the relevant depository for any given category of securities (ISIN, WKN, fund name).


To access fund master data on 15,000 mutual funds click the fund master data. To access fund documents you get redirected to


The calendar of public holidays lists the dates on which stock exchanges are closed. Mutual funds cannot be traded via attrax on these days.


Your attrax sales representative would be pleased to show you further valuable tools that you could use, for example, to improve the quality of your fund universe while enhancing your investment returns.