process analysis

attrax's in-depth experience of fund brokerage and its broad client base mean that it is well-acquainted with the diverse requirements of fund processing. Acting on your behalf, we can take care of the complex processes that have arisen as a result of the multiplicity of interfaces, labour-intensive manual operations, fluctuating levels of business, lack of standards, legal requirements and growing competitive pressures. To ensure that it can offer its clients fast, cost-effective and high-quality processing services, attrax has been quick to adopt industrial strategies and tools that it uses to optimise its own processes. This enables us to manage complexity and offer an impressive degree of efficiency in our processing capabilities while meeting high quality standards.

This expertise and longstanding experience of the mutual funds market coupled with our comprehensive advisory and outsourcing services mean that we are well-placed to partner with you in order to analyse and optimise the quality and cost-effectiveness of your funds processing.

We offer you the following value proposition:


  • We review your back-office processes and determine the level of your operational effectiveness.
  • We identify and assess the potential for optimising your work flows.
  • We help outsource processes to attrax.
  • Our extensive experience of mutual funds processing enables us to deliver superior service quality.