core competences

Providing a strong platform on which it offers an extensive range of funds and related services, attrax acts as the clearing house and custodian for your international mutual funds business. attrax adopts a client-focused approach to managing the contracts it signs with investment companies, ensuring that you benefit from the outstanding pricing and terms we can achieve by aggregating our business volumes. This spares you the time-consuming job of negotiating individual contracts with a large number of fund management companies.


Our interfaces comply with SWIFT standards, enabling us to route orders efficiently on an automated basis and ensuring that we achieve a high straight-through-processing (STP) rate. After only a brief migration phase, all our brokerage and custody services are available for you to use. You can also place orders by fax if you wish.


attrax is a full-service provider that can relieve you of a number of laborious tasks. Our services include accepting and confirming orders, tracking investment companies' various deadlines, the automated transfer of payments, custody of funds, centralised reconciliation of depositories, provision of funds' master data and prices, and the collection and payment of commissions. In other words, we act as a one-stop shop to provide you with the entire range of our services.