customer groups

The cooperative financial services network: a key player in the German economy

The FinanzGruppe – an extensive network comprising 970 local cooperative banks, central institutions, specialised service providers and other specialist institutions employing a total workforce of 151,550 people and with total assets of € 851 billion – constitutes one of the mainstays of the German banking industry.

As the competence centre for third-party mutual funds within this cooperative network, attrax supports its partners by drawing on its proprietary distribution, fund purchasing, research and marketing capabilities.

Institutional clients: highly diverse interests with a single objective

attrax processes fund-related business for institutional clients in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria. The structure of our customer base reflects the comprehensive range and high quality of the services we render. Our clientele includes

  • commercial and private banks
  • fund management companies and FoF initiators
  • insurance companies and pension funds.