the companie's background

attrax S.A. was founded in 2000 by today's DZ PRIVATBANK S.A. and was integrated into Union Asset Management Holding AG as a wholly owned subsidiary in 2005. It is firmly anchored in the FinanzVerbund – Germany's extensive network of cooperative financial services institutions – and in recent years has managed to win a number of institutional clients outside this network.

Registered as a public limited company under Luxembourg law, attrax S.A. is authorised to sell and administer mutual funds (section 24-1 and 24-2) and is regulated by Luxembourg's financial supervisory authority (CSSF).

*Law enacted on 5 April 1993

Just some of the benefits that attrax brings you:


  • We are highly experienced experts in our field.
  • We provide a responsive and personalised service.
  • We offer you and your clients the security and strength of an effective network.


2003 attrax becomes the third-party mutual fund platform for all local cooperative banks in Germany 
2004 attrax steps up business development with institutional clients outside the cooperative financial services network 

Takeover of attrax, which becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Union Asset Management Holding AG

attrax reorganised to focus an B2B fund brokerage 


Sales team established to manage relationships with local cooperative banks in Germany

IT platform realigned to ensure efficient, scalable processing


Standardisation of fund processing, e.g. increased use of SWIFT; SAS 70 certification

Expansion of sales team for institutional clients

2008 "Industrialisation of the financial sector", e.g. introduction of the investment companies (KVG) management system

Expansion of brokerage activities within the cooperative financial network

New attrax website 

2010 attrax celebrates its tenth anniversary

ISAE 3402 certification

attrax fund universe significantly enlarged


Market launch of attrax-online, a web-based order managment and information tool

Further automation of fund investment process

2013 Introduction of an environmental management system; ISO 14001 certification  
2015 attrax breaks through the €40 billion barrier in terms of fund value  
2017 First time more than 15,000 funds on the attrax platform  
attrax fund brokerage - the development